How do we define it? Why it is important? Why it is needed? What is its purpose?  Recently someone asked, “This week I have been praying to sleep better, it hasn’t happened, so what is the point in praying, if God doesn’t do what we ask.”


Now it is easy to see the flaws in that line of thinking,  but Scripture also tells us to ask for what ever we need. The challenge for us all is that prayer can often become a mechanism to treat God as a cosmic ATM.  How much time do we spend just asking?


The hope of the series is not to heap guilt on top of guilt for not praying enough. But to learn that ultimately through prayer we meet with God. And in Jesus, is the fulfilment of every desire, hope, comfort, and need. We have the gift of going before the great and mighty God, bold but reverent.  The hope is that this series will challenge our culture of prayer, not by pressing against the will, but pressing upon the heart. And that Joy would bring us together to seek the face of God.

Andy Guest

6th January 2019

Peter Gill

13th January 2019

Gregg Caruso

20th January 2019

Wade Thompson

3rd February 2019

Wade Thompson

10th February 2019

David Wallace

27th January 2019

Wade Thompson

24th February 2019

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