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Fast Forward: A Lent Series

When most of us hear the word “discipline”, any hint of the “warm and fuzzies” is displaced by a sinking kind of feeling. We are generally resistant to discipline because it implies drudgery and pain. But what if discipline was more than that? What if discipline was not work, but was instead a step along a path? A means by which we could enjoy the greatest pleasure known to man: intimacy with the God of the universe.


The Christian faith is about more than saying we believe we in God and Jesus. How we live out our faith is as important as what we believe. Through this Lenten Season, we’re going explore six essential practices of the Christian life whilst participating in a practical expression of each one.

Jason Mayhall

6th March 2022

Jason Mayhall

13th March 2022

Jason Mayhall

20th March 2022

Ian Blair

27th March 2022

Daniel Alcock

3rd April 2022

Jason Mayhall

10th April 2022

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