We’ve all asked these questions.


Where is God? What is He doing in the world? Does He care about what is going on? Does God listen? They come naturally in a world where injustice seems to be the rule rather than the exception. However, many Christians shy away from asking these questions.


Habakkuk was a prophet who also had questions for God. In the world he saw, there were no easy answers to the ongoing realities of evil, injustice, exploitation, and suffering. So he asked hard questions, confident that God would hear and respond graciously. He modelled what it looks like to ask the questions we fear and to be vulnerable before God. He was not afraid to ask, and he was not afraid to listen.


Join us as we follow Habakkuk’s conversation with God and learn how to trust Him.

Jason Mayhall

7th June 2020

Jason Mayhall

14th June 2020

Jason Mayhall

21st June 2020

Jason Mayhall

28th June 2020

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