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In the history of the world, there has never been a more important, influential, and polarizing person than Jesus Christ. Sixty years after Jesus' resurrection, the young Church feared it would flounder in the rising waves: idol worship, false teachers, immorality, persecution, and more. In the midst of this storm, Jesus speaks through the pen of the apostle John, with urgent and practical words…words that remain full of application for us today.


In this sermon series, we explore the seven reactions of seven ancient churches and discover what we as the church today can learn from Jesus’ words in the book of Revelation.

Jason Mayhall

11th April 2021

Jason Mayhall

18th April 2021

Jason Mayhall

25th April 2021

Jason Mayhall

2nd May 2021

Jason Mayhall

9th May 2021

Norman Holmes

16th May 2021

Dave Burke

23rd May 2021

Jason Mayhall

30th May 2021

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