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Combat Training

You can download the study material and a mp3 of the talk for each session by clicking on the title below:


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all men are tempted to compromise... 

Be a man of integrity - a God's man. A God's man must learn the secret of being undivided between what he believes and how he actually thinks and lives. This man possesses integrity and makes the right choices. Through every trial a God's man gains new perspectives on the temptations he faces. The man that is after God's own heart cultivates new tools to help him overcome the cultural webs that not only ensnare but lead him astray. All men are tempted to compromise - God's man will not.


This series of studies from the Book of James will equip you to think clearly and choose wisely when dealing with temptation.


Can you relate?

All men are tempted to compromise their integrity by yielding to unhealthy passions ans desires. Yet not all men do. Some have learned the secret of living with undivided thoughts and actions reflecting beliefs. They know how to face temptation without giving in. Every man is tempted to:


  • Fold when hard times come;

  • Have an undisciplined thought life;

  • Give in to sexual temptation;

  • Fudge on issues of obedience;

  • Compare himself and judge others;

  • Let loose with his tongue in anger;

  • Buy the lies of materialism; and

  • Live in isolation from other men.


Dealing with these temptations is a matter of survival. No man can venture into a field of mines without taking precautions. Every God’s man must know where the mines are located and learn how to diffuse them.


Our goal in this study is to stimulate personal reflection and honest dialogue. As you work through each session, look at your own life and ask yourself some hard questions. Complete honesty with yourself, with God and with others will produce the best results.


In the sessions that follow you will learn to deal with temptation in God’s wisdom and strength. By taking God at His Word and applying what He says to your life, you will experience the benefits of an undivided commitment to Christ. You’ll find you can live a life of integrity and deal with temptation in a God-honouring way.


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