An exciting time where children of pre-school and primary school age are taught about Jesus. Children have fun together in an all-age setting taking part in songs and games, then in their classes stories, crafts and other activities.
A crèche is available for children under two.

Current Sundays
As Bethany is not meeting due to the Coronavirus outbreak, new content will be added to this page each week. We are hoping this will help parents (if you are not too exhausted from a week of home-schooling!) to sing some songs, read some bible stories, listen to some videos and download/print some fun activities.

We pray all families stay safe, healthy and connected with God at this time.

Take care,

from all the ARK teachers and helpers.

The Classes

Creche: babies and under 2s
Bunnies: Nursery (2-

Bears: Years 1-3

Lions: Years 4-6

 Sunday 24th May: Noah's Ark 

Stories of the Bible
Old Testament  

Sing along to the Dinosaur Song ...

This Sunday we are learning about Noah's Ark. Watch this story video ... 

Bible verses
The story of 
Noah's Ark can be found in Genesis 6-9. Can you find and read it in your bible?
You will also find a children's version 
below ...

God saw that all the people on the earth were acting badly, so he decided to send a flood that would wipe out evil.


However, there was one good man on earth. His name was Noah and God trusted him. God decided that he would save Noah by telling him that the flood was coming. He would instruct Noah to build a really big boat called an ark.

After Noah had built the ark, God told him to put two of every animal on the earth in it, both male and female. When Noah, his family and the animals were all safely on the ark, the rain began to fall. It kept falling for forty days and nights. The waters flooded the earth. Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out except for Noah, his family and the animals who were safe in the ark.

When the sun came out, the waters started to dry up and the ark came to rest on a mountain. Noah sent out a raven to find dry land but it came straight back. A few days later he sent out a dove. The dove returned with a leaf in its beak. When the dove was sent out again it did not return.

'The waters must have dried up completely!' exclaimed Noah. So all of the animals and Noah's family left the ark. God promised that he would never again send another flood that covered the earth and made a rainbow in the sky to remind everyone of his promise.


Below is a video explaining the Noah's Ark story ...


Attached are some fun activities for the children to do ...
(click on the PDF icon below to open the worksheets)

Suitable for younger ARK children (Bunnies and Bears classes), here is a collection of Noah's Ark themed activities -->

Suitable for the older ARK children
(Bears and Lions classes), here is a collection of
Noah's Ark themed activities -->

Here are some Noah's Ark   craft ideas ...

The Lord's Prayer:

Every day, I make choices that honour Jesus.


Dear Jesus,
You are our source of life.
You paid the price of our sins, so we don't have to.
With God's spirit living inside us, we have the power to rule over sin and make choices that honour Jesus.

Help us to be like Noah - listening and acting on your words.
We love you Jesus.

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