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UnCommon Sense - JUNE 2024

Psalms and Proverbs are part of the wisdom literature of Scripture. Both books were written amidst real life with a vast array of emotions and experiences while on a faith journey. They meet us where we are as people who desire to trust in God's  wise way in everyday life circumstances. 

In this series, we take a few selected passages from Psalms and Proverbs and meditate on each. Our hope is that we learn vital lessons about Gospel-living in a complex and broken world.


More to the Story - MAY 2024

Uncovering the Meaning of Jesus’ Parables...

Stories have a way of sticking with us. That's why some of Jesus' greatest teachings were parables...or stories that have greater meaning. In this series, we will look at how Jesus used familiar illustrations to reveal deeper truths about who God is and challenge us to continuously adjust our thinking and our way of living.

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Identity Theft - JANUARY 2024

For a culture claiming that it doesn't like to be labeled, we have more labels for ourselves than ever before. Instead of attempting to earn people’s approval or wallowing in our imperfections, we need to rest in the work of Jesus and find freedom to live as our truest selves. When we understand our story through the lens of His story, we will view ourselves and others differently. Scripture shows us who we are and what we are meant for.

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Do You Hear What I Hear - DECEMBER 2023

We all have our favourite Carol. Whether you love or hate them you definitely can’t ignore them, as they’re blasted out on repeat in all the shops. Usually though, Christmas Carols are part of the background noise of Christmas but we’re bringing them front and centre to see what they’re about: to see how the truths in these famous tunes give us the deepest reason to celebrate at Christmas.  

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Prophetic Voices - NOVEMBER 2023

The Book of Nahum reveals the flip side of the theological coin of Jonah…not only is God supremely gracious, but He is also supremely just. We only need to read stories of the Holocaust, of the African slave trade, or of any terrorist organization to understand the beauty found in God’s wrath...and because it's an outpouring of justice, it is good. 

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Since a large portion of Genesis is concerned with the life of Abraham it is only fitting that we set aside time to discover why. In Abraham’s life there are moments when he is super strong, then moments when he is super weak, and even moments when he slips all together. It just proves he was human. Yet God called him His friend. What does all this have to do with us? Everything!



What is God’s plan for caring for the poor, and raising kids and healing relationships?  These are questions Christian have been facing since the founding of the church.  From the books Acts we will see God’s answer.  We are God’s plan A (and there is no plan B.) God is working through the church and to address the needs of the world.  Don’t miss your part in God’s plans!



At the top of the list of taboo topics in our culture today is talking about money. However, when it comes to our finances, Jesus has a lot to say…specifically how it relates to following Him. Throughout this series, we will look at God’s Word to explore the important topic of money through a biblical lens. 

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